Who Is RCG Tax Partners?

Ron Antal CPA, MST Managing Director

Ron Antal CPA, MST
Managing Director

Marla Schleider Vice President

Marla Schleider
Associate Director










Since 2004 RCG has helped companies save over $47 million in Federal and State taxes. Having performed over 9,700 R&D tax credit studies, RCG is considered the Nations Most Experienced R&D Tax Credit Advisors.

We are experienced CPA’s, tax specialists, engineers, technical writers, and architects who partner with clients to identify opportunities and benefits that are often overlooked in regular tax returns. The highly qualified staff at RCG works exclusively on R&D Tax Credits and Building Cost Segregation Studies. This specialization allows us to provide an unparalleled level of expertise in these highly technical fields.

  • Our pursuit of your best interests is relentless. We work directly with clients and their accountants to create custom tax solutions to help lower your tax burden.
  • Our onsite investigation team visits your company. This “boots on the ground” approach routinely uncovers activities and expenses often overlooked during routine tax return filings.
  • We have your back. All clients receive high quality, audit-ready documentation and support for both federal and state R&D Tax Credits and the results of a cost segregation study..
  • We do far more than calculate R&D tax credits and perform Building Cost Segregation Studies: We document and defend our calculations to maximize and sustain the benefits our clients deserve..